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A product designer with over 12 years of experience.

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About Yasir Jamal

Yasir Jamal is a tech design consultant with 12+ years of experience. He applies design thinking and human-center methodologies to solve complex problems and create visually appealing, user-friendly products.

Experience12+ Years
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Yasir jamal

Designing products is not just about making things look pretty

It’s about solving problems and creating meaningful experiences for people.


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I make sure that the products I design meet the needs of the users. I gather user requirements and validate the design through a combination of user research and continuously refine the design through iteration until it meets the desired level of usability and user satisfaction.

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My areas of expertise include designing websites, and mobile / web applications/platforms, 

I have experience in designing for various industries, such as SaaS, e-Commerce, B2B Business, and healthcare.

I ensure the accessibility of my designs by following industry-standard accessibility guidelines, such as Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and incorporating accessibility testing into my design process.