5 Types of Social Media Content which convert your Audience

5 Types of Social Media Content which convert your Audience

5 Types of Social Media Content which convert your Audience


Stuck amidst various social media content? What to share on social media that facilitates you in getting a better response from your target audience?

Social media marketing is inevitable in today’s digital world. For sure you do not want to lose a large number of social media users who could be your next customers!

So let’s find out which social media content is highly shareable.


  1. VR Content:

The high popularity of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is still in the air.

Besides marketing, VR has wide applications in the industries of entertainment, media, film, scientific visualizations, programming languages, lifestyle and others.

When we talk about brand promotion, VR has great significance. Brands which are using it are showing appreciating results in the form of high engagement. So do not delay it and buy a 360 VR camera!


  1. Animated Content:

Animation or moving content also has immense benefits in terms of getting attention from the audience. Even if you are thinking of animating the text content, it’s a great idea!

Business terms and statistics could be boring for your customers. The animation is meant to entertain people and studies show that it gets more views and engagement than traditional content. The complex information can be simplified and it is also possible to show the mechanisms and processes through animated content.


  1. User-generated content:

Posting user-generated content on a brand’s social media account gives you dual benefits. At one side it is like a strong proof for your target audience like testimonials. People tend to give more importance to user-generated content which builds trust towards brands.

On the other hand, when you post user-generated content on your brand’s account, it makes that person feel cared. This also persuades other customers or clients to take the similar action and share a positive experience which they had with your brand.


  1. Infographics:

Infographics are a pictorial representation of a specific topic.

Visuals have the power to acquire the attention of people faster and in a more effective way compared to other content types.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

You can create a captivating infographic with vibrant colours, strong images and concise information. People generally do not want to read long text-based content. Here the content based on quality visuals and interesting images can do wonders. There are many tools available to create eye catchy infographics in the simplest steps.


  1. Podcasts:

When we talk about uprising trends then podcasts will take place among the top ones. Recently podcasts have gained momentum which made it a good choice for marketing.

As you cannot upload the video directly on the social media site, you can share the link of the podcast on your post. Another way which saves the time of your target audience is by the direct viewing of the podcast on a social media platform. Do that by creating an image and place the audio clip over it.



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