6 impressive reasons of using Angular JS

6 impressive reasons of using Angular JS

6 impressive reasons of using Angular JS

For web developers, JavaScript library is not unknown. It is involved in the development of interactive aspects of the websites. But JavaScript requires coding that consumes most of the time of developers. To create ease in web development and relief the developers with less coding, Angular JS is developed. It is a
JavaScript framework that allows the development of front-end web and mobile applications. AngularJS enables the developers for building a dynamic web application. AngularJS is also helpful in creating single page applications that are now prevailing in the business industry. 

1- Multiple modules and two-way data binding:

Modularity permits easy implementation and maintenance of a web application. Multiple modules are bonded to each other to run the complete application. Multiple modules can be created using AngularJS for an application. Modularity is one of the best features of AngularJS.  It automatically identifies the requirement of a module and binds it to the pre-developed application modules.Through two-way data binding, the modules and the user's action change concurrently. The change in the module affects user interface and vice versa. 

2- Multiple filters:

These filters are used to alter the data of AngularJS web design. Variety of filters is available in AngularJS directory which will aid you to change the web design. If you want to customize the filters and create the new ones, then register to new filter factory. 

3- Allows quick testing and maintenance of applications:

For high maintenance, AngularJS follows the MVC architecture pattern. MVC or model-view-controller implements a user interface on the computer. Most of the frameworks do not use MVC but this feature is provided by AngularJS. The advantage of following this pattern is the fast development of the application. It also reduces the time consumed in development and marketing of the application. For the developers of AngularJS, speedy testing and maintenance facilitate them. 

4- Less coding:

Developers truly understand the complexity and efforts required for coding. AngularJS framework aids in creating highly responsive and highly interactive web designs with less coding. It can also extend its domain from JS to HTML for providing the benefit of less coding. 

5- HTML use for coding:

Unlike from JS, HTML is less complex and defines with no complexities between the codes. AngularJS utilizes the HTML to define codes for UI which aids the developers to put less time and efforts in the coding. Moreover, the web applications or the websites created with HTML are light, highly interactive and user-friendly with high functionality. 

6- Making the testing easy:

Testing is the major part of web development. It ensures the optimization of the website or application from the aspect of functionality and interface. AngularJS has the built-in set up for testing that allows the developers to analyse the features included. Through testing, there will be zero chances of any defect in the website development. Yasir Jamal is an expert web developer in Dubai-UAE. With a decade experience, Yasir is expert in developing customized websites that will aid you in accomplishing your business goals.

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