How to plan and start a successful ecommerce business in Dubai UAE – 2022

Ecommerce UAE

Ecommerce market is growing very fast, by 2040 it is expected that 95% of all purchases will be made online.

Around 150 million people shopped online for the first time during the pandemic, and the number of online buyers is continuously growing.


Coming back on how to start and run a successful ecommerce business in Dubai UAE

This is a guide on how to plan your ecommerce journey. I have seen a lot of people making mistakes and doing the wrong things first which delays the overall process.

In this blog, I will make everything easy for you and guide you how to make a profitable ecommerce business fast.

  • Setting up your ecommerce brand website
  • Upload the products on the website
  • Registering your company license
  • Opening a bank account
  • Omni-channel approach (IMPORTANT)

Setting up your ecommerce brand website
You see, i have added setting up your brand website #1, that’s because this is what actually takes some time. If you do the other things first and then start working on your website you basically lose time.

As this is going to be the brand website, people actually go into detail and want to have the right picture of the brand which they want to build. Which of-course takes some time.

Upload the products on the website

Once you have the website ready, upload the products which you want to sell online. Depending on the number of products you have, you can estimate the total time required to upload all your products.


Register for an ecommerce business license

There are many freezone’s in the UAE which offer ecommerce licenses. You have to check what freezone suits you based on your requirements.

If you have enough budget you can also go with a mainland trading license too.


Open a company bank account

Opening a bank account is much easier now than ever before. Some banks in the UAE have introduced paperless banking as well, in which you can apply for a business account from anywhere without going to the bank.


After these steps, you’re all ready to start selling!

Go omni-channel, do not focus on one platform

I am a big fan of going omni-channel when it comes to selling online.

What exactly do I mean when I say “Go omni-channel”.

Basically that means not relaying on a single platform but generating sales from different channels.


What are the channels which you can utilize?

Your own ecommerce website
Having your own ecommerce website is crucial. Remember the secret of having a successful ecommerce business is making a brand and brand without a website doesn’t make sense right.

Register for social media with fb and insta shop
Facebook has recently introduced fb and insta shops which are quite successful. Alot of sellers have started selling on fb and insta shops.

Facebook is about to launch the shop feature soon in whatsapp. That will be a great asset to online sellers too.

Amazon is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Being on Amazon is a must. Amazon is now also available in the UAE and the chances of being successful in Amazon UAE is quite high because it is new in the region and ranking products doesn’t take much time if you have some experience in ranking products.

Noon is a famous ecommerce platform in the UAE. Noon was launched in 2016 by the founder of Emaar which is one of the biggest companies in UAE.

Carrefour recently launched its ecommerce platform in the UAE. It is quite new but listing your product on carrefour would be a good idea as it has the potential to be one of the good platforms in the future.

This is the best time to jump in the ecommerce business, do not miss the boat. All you need is 1 product to start and that could be the main source of your income.

The great thing about e-commerce is, it is flippable. You can sell your listing and make a lot of money. There are ready buyers sitting and waiting for sellers to sell their listings.

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