How to have a successful online business


Alright, so what do i exactly mean when i say: Design, Traffic, Convert.

These 3 things are key to have a successful online business. How?

I am going to write on these topics in detail. But here’s the brief about what do i mean when i say these are the key factors to be successful in the online world. So follow me on social media to be updated.

So the first step is putting out your message there. It could be a website / landing page or funnel. You need to have something impressive in-terms of design along with a very clear message of what you’re offering.

Once you have the design, now the second step is to bring traffic to it. Imagine having a great design but with no traffic? would you be able to convert people to become your client or buy your products? the answer is NO.

So how do you bring traffic to your design?

There are different ways to get traffic such as paid advertisement and organic traffic.

Paid Advertisement:
– Google ads
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Linkedin
– Tiktok

Organic Traffic:
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
– Posting on different social media channels.
– Posting Articles

Now you have the design and traffic coming in. The goal now should be convert these people to become your client or buy your product.

Again, this is just a brief introduction. I will be writing more blogs on each of these topics. Get in touch through social media.

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