3 ways to start a side hustle and make additional source of income

Side Hustle

I often get asked by people what they should do as a side hustle to have an additional source of income.

As Warren Buffet Said once: If your salary is the only source of income, you’re only one step away from poverty.

In this video, I am going to talk about 3 side hustles which you can start today.

1: Launch A Product

Launch a product and sell it online using your own website and other platforms such as Amazon, Noon, and others.

Yes, eCommerce is booming, this is the right time to launch your own product.

You can also use a 3rd party fulfillment center or Amazon’s fulfillment center to take care of the shipments, so you don’t have to do anything to manage the operations.



2: Dropshipping

If you don’t want to keep inventory you can start dropshipping.

You are the middle man as a drop-shipper between a buyer and seller. For instance: 

You find a supplier of a product as a middle-man, let’s say the product costs 50 bucks and then you sell it on 80 bucks through your website.

once you receive an order from any buyer, you will then place an order on the supplier’s website with the address of the buyer.

And then the supplier will ship the product to the buyer and that’s it you made 30 bucks as a middle-man dropshipper. 

This process can be automated so that you don’t have to do this manually for each order.




3: Affiliate Marketing

Using affiliate marketing you can earn commission on each sale that is made through your affiliate link.<

There are companies that offer 20% to 50% commission on sales. All you have to do is to get people to buy their product or services using your link affiliate.

Yes, that’s it and you will get your commission on the spot most of the time. You can do the following to promote your affiliate link:

– Post your offer on Facebook groups
– Post it on your pages and timeline
– Write blogs about the product with your affiliate link
– Use paid ads to promote your articles with your affiliate link

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  1. Jonathan

    This is great, I am interested in dropshipping, can you guide how that works, please.

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