For Crowdfunding – Get the Most from Social Media and Email Marketing

For Crowdfunding – Get the Most from Social Media and Email Marketing

For Crowdfunding – Get the Most from Social Media and Email Marketing

Your new business idea might be marvellous but what if you don’t have enough capital or unable to reach high sales due to less focus from your target audience? You cannot be sure of its 100% success as every business is associated with some risks.

Crowdfunding is a way to gain support in the form of monetary funds and favour from the public. Besides many benefits, this task is not simple. You have to convince people for investing in your business and this requires an effective crowdfunding campaign.

Social media marketing and email marketing provide a great opportunity to get maximum reach and influence the people to take interest in your business. Your crowdfunding campaign will be challenging at first but implementing a few wise tips will make it a high-yielding campaign.


Remember these points to make your crowdfunding campaign effective and productive on social media:

Count it and you will have a number of social media platforms that can help you for this purpose. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram and others offer ads, live videos, stories and other campaign boosting ways that are fruitful for all products and businesses.

Here is a guide for how to start your campaign and manage it strategically.


  • Start with your family and friends and then expand it to the general public:

Lay the first stone of your campaign by inviting your family and friends, friends of friends and then other people to like your page.

For achieving the goal, your campaign must show credibility, authenticity, struggles, and hardships. So let people know which problems you are trying to solve and how it can be beneficial to them. By connecting the emotions and reaching the hearts of the potential donors, you can increase the number of your advocates.


  • Give them updates:

After winning their favour initially, the next step is briefing or updating them about the business or the respective product.

It is another way to show authenticity to people. Providing them information regarding the idea progression will draw them in.


  • Monitor your campaign:

Getting the insights into how your crowdfunding campaign is going through metrics and analytics will facilitate you to steer forward in the right direction. Avoid the useless techniques and adopt the ones which are showing encouraging results as, without much visibility and outreach, there will be only a waste of time and money.

Campaign outcomes will reveal that how people are thinking about your product either satisfied or not. The suggestions from people are also a positive sign and these could be helpful in improving the product. So go for it too!


  • Do not forget to show gratitude for feedbacks and suggestions:

Gratitude is a driving force and you can use it for acquiring more engagements and interactions. Do it through a post or a video, and you will see a rise of positive feedbacks and comments for your campaign. Moreover, it will entice your potential donors to be a part of your campaign by sharing your posts to others!


Capitalize email marketing for your crowd-funding campaign:

As mentioned earlier, email marketing is an incredible method to reach your intended audience and impress them to provide funds for your campaign. You are just a few steps away from initiating a productive campaign through email marketing. Let’s check it out:


Add up your contacts in the email list:

First, all you have to do is to create an email list. Your family, friends, peers, classmates could be your subscribers. To make this list long, you can request for the email addresses through social media ads. It will aid you to bring more people to you.


Create a compelling email content and CTA:

Your email content is the actual thing that let people know what your idea is and how it can be good for them. Keep your email short, simple, captivating and easy to understand.

Call-to-action cannot be overlooked in any email. Your subscribers should know what action to take in the response to your email.


Your subject line should push the subscriber to open it:

A plain subject line is of no use. Every day your subscribers receive many emails which find their place in trash. Sure you wouldn’t want this happen to your campaign emails!

 An attractive subject line is the first step of interaction so it should be compelling. Make your subject line humanized by adding emojis and receiver’s names.


Add links in your emails:

From social media to email, you can create a connection by adding social media links to your email. It will help your subscribers to directly jump to the respective content, blog or video without searching for your social media page.


Make them feel special:

Your campaign should attract the audience in every possible way. Studies showed that those emails get higher engagement rates which offer discounts, useful materials and other resources which feed the curiosity and interest of people. When you make them feel important and valued, it persuades them to think about your business and the chances are higher that you will get funds from them.



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