6 Best Websites for Free Vector Art

6 Best Websites for Free Vector Art

6 Best Websites for Free Vector Art


Designers from all across the globe prefer vector images over raster. Their flexibility and scalability help to maintain the high quality of images even when stretched.

It is not good to use stock images as exclusive photos and designs are appreciated everywhere. But what to do if there is an urgent need? We can say, at that ‘eleventh hour’ free vector art would not be less than a blessing for designers. You can have a number of websites which offer such images. Instead of diving into myriad websites, what if you know the best ones?

Here are 7 best websites that could save your time and provide you with a comprehensive range of attractive icons, images and logos.


  1. FreeVectors.net:

Free vector .net has a big stock of vector icons and others which are sufficient for your different projects. Most are free for personal use and the downloading step is super easy.

Auto-suggestions will help you find the exact and relevant images by showing relevant results when you add any keyword. Therefore it enables you to think beyond the limit you determined. You just have to open the respective image, click to save it and it’s done. But from ‘click-save’ to ‘image download’ there is a gap of a few seconds in which a pop-up shows.



  1. Vecteezy:

Vecteezy is a great place to find many vector images which are shown here in a very organized way.

You can directly jump to the newest ones in the stock or browse by category. The categories are again sub-categorised into various vectors which provide you with a full control to find and get exactly as you want. Furthermore, the filters also allow reaching the best images or icons with just a few clicks. Sponsored images by other sources can be downloaded with amazing discounts! Vecteezy has its own online editor which let you customize the images before download.

It offers the vectors under both free (Standard License) and paid plans (Premium License). There is no need to register or login.



  1. Subtle patterns:

Let’s take a break from vector images, icons, logos and check some amazing vector patterns available on the website of subtle patterns. These are both for personal and commercial use.

Over 400 patterns are available and it is easy to discover and download those patterns. It permits the user to change the colour of pattern and there is a full tutorial which helps the user to do this. The patterns are shown in the list and also as thumbnails. You can see the names of patterns when hovering on each pattern (Thumbnail).



  1. Freepik:

Freepik has a huge database of vector images and icons in AI and PSD. The images are free to download for personal and commercial use.

But the number of images permitted to download in a day is different. Unregistered users have the limit of downloading 5 images per day, for login users, 30 images per day and the ones having a premium membership can enjoy the downloading of 100 images in a single day.

If you have signed up from premium membership then its fine but if you don’t have, then you are bound to credit Freepik which is again reminded to the user after image download.



  1. Stockio:

It has thousands of free vectors, photos, icons, fonts and high-quality videos for download. Files are available in different formats like JPG, AI and EPS. You can also get unique and attractive infographic and patterns from Stockio. The videos are of few seconds but are of high quality.

The good thing is you do not have to log in for vector download or simply for any other thing! But that does not mean there is no option for sign up. You can have a list of your downloaded images and can save the favourite images when registered on the website.



  1. Vector Portal:

Vector portal offers a range of vector art which can be browsed by category. Others can be found in the category of popular and latest. Many files on this website are in AI and EPS format.

Everything during downloads goes well until the bothersome ad that appears during each download. The images can be used for both personal and commercial use but attribution is requested for it. Another great thing Vector Portal provides is the blogs and tutorials that help to learn about the usage and creation of vector art.



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