Are you ready for 2019? Here is How to Gear up your Business

Are you ready for 2019? Here is How to Gear up your Business

Are you ready for 2019? Here is How to Gear up your Business


New Year is a new start for every business to set new goals and do preparations to align with the upcoming trends. It’s not important that each trend for the next year is novel but most of the time you have to make a few tweaks in previous trends to adjust with your business.

In today’s world, no online presence means you are losing most of the opportunities and leads that could be a source of progress for your business. Whether you own a local business or have a large business setup internationally, reaching to your customers online is vital.

Here are 5 tips to make preparations for your business that will help it to nourish or expand in future.


Upgrade your content marketing strategy:

Around 20% of the marketers are promoting their business by building a community of the target audience and welcoming their participation.

Now consumer-generated content has become a new social proof for the people. When your customers share a good experience, it positively affects the brand's reputation. It is important to persuade your target audience to start a conversation for better engagement and discussions on forums. In this way, you can push them to share good words about you.

Influencer marketing is not new so if you did not add it in your strategy yet so start doing it as it will help you a lot next year.


Add voice search based strategy in your list:

Seeing the fast use of voice search, we can expect that it will continue to grow in 2019.

Brands are now preparing for including the voice search strategy to interact and engage with their target audience. Chatbots are not new but what about voice-enabled chatbots? These will answer the spoken queries of the customers. It will be like creating a world of spoken words! So prepare your brand to get aligned with this technology.

This digital assistant technology is also going to change the idea of shopping. In future, more people will rely on this technology for buying decisions, price comparisons and for making shopping lists.


Keep an eye on your Facebook ads:

An effective marketing strategy includes metrics to monitor different aspects of the marketing campaign.

Many businesses are using Facebook ads for reaching to more customers and prospects. The news of the latest Facebook tool called creative Compass is in the air nowadays. Facebook created it with the aim of monitoring the impact of Facebook ads. It will help the brand to keep track of different elements like noticeability, brand association, brand fit, message comprehension, believability, information content, emotional reward and call to action.

The tool is not ready for the launch. Currently, it is being under testing and will be available for all marketers in 2019.


No podcasting yet? Now it’s time to start:

Many brands are using podcasting for the marketing purpose. It’s about sharing the information and outreaching to more target audience through podcasts.

As you know that visual content engages the customers more than the written content. You can increase the traffic by creating podcasts for your business which is like an alternative to videos. It's highly engaging, that’s why helps the brands to build more loyal relationships with the customers.

In 2019, automation in podcasting will be introduced. It will make the podcasting process easier for the customers.


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