5 Champion Tips for great Email Layout

5 Champion Tips for great Email Layout

5 Champion Tips for great Email Layout

Among other marketing plans, email marketing is considered as the best to compel your audience give attention to your products or services. But it’s not easy. You will have to make a strategic plan for design, layout and content of an email to make it a ‘wow’ for your marketing. Email marketing requires a lot of things to line up exactly as needed. Email layout is one of them.

Let’s have a look at the tips that can make your email layout awesome.


Give your call-to-action a real importance:

Since most of the readers first take a look at the top sentences and the end para of emails thus these are your power spaces. To trigger the interest, add clear and striking call-to-action at the start and end part.

Make the most of the little time you get to attract the reader to go ahead further and complete the required action of click at your link or subscribe through a simple and repetitive CTA.


The ideal width:

Scrolling from left to right and vice versa can lead your reader to unsubscribe your emails!

To stay at the safe corner, keep your email width 600 pixels wide only and ensure that all of your content can be read easily without scrolling.

Studies showed that the content on the left gets high focus than the content on the right. Fix this in your mind and place the core of your email either content or image on the left side of email.


Content to image balance:

From not too much content to, not too many images, the designers got stuck in the middle most of the time.

Don’t be confused.

It is often recommended that keeping the text in the limit of 500 characters will pass the spam. On the other side, 2-3 images have high chances to get the second glance of the reader. Avoid adding one big image.

Place this content to image formula deep in your head to prevent layout confusions.


Not too many columns:

Create the email design that is enough to impact the decisions of your readers in your favour.

More than 3 columns make deign crowded and break the rule of focus grabbing design. With 600 pixel width, 2-3 columns are sufficient.


Create the mail in the fast reading pattern:

Well it’s true that visuals have more attention gaining power than the text. But you cannot completely avoid the text.

Studies depict that majority of the readers do not read the full email rather they move the eyes in ‘F’ shape pattern.

Therefore make the starting text at the left bold and use strong words to persuade the reader to take action and convert them into your potential customers.


Yasir Jamal is an experienced web designer and developer in Dubai-UAE. Knowing exactly the do’s and don’ts, he design the websites and emails that resonates with the business demands and keep the designs elegant and inspiring based on the latest design trends.

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