6 Signs indicate hacking of your WordPress Website

6 Signs indicate hacking of your WordPress Website

6 Signs indicate hacking of your WordPress Website

What if someday your website got cyber-attack? It shows mysterious activities, dropping of the traffic and other similar stuff?

It’s probably not an alien attack but being a busy business owner even the imagination of these suspicious activities might haunt you or make you wary more than an alien attack!

When you notice any of such activities, it is important to identify the elements that are being modified or altered on the website. Only then you can be able to look deeper into the problem and resolve the matter completely. These are six signs that show any sort of malicious virus or corrupted file inserted.


Pop up ads appear on your website:

When you log in to your account, you are unable to see these ads. But for the logged out visitors, the pop-up ads are visible.

This is the common money making tactic for the hackers to display ads of illegal sites. These usually go unnoticed as the ads do not replace the display of your web page but appear on another window.


Title and descriptions changed:

It can be checked by regularly see the search results of your website. If there is any problem, your title or meta descriptions will be altered. It means that a harmful virus has been adding into your data that changes it and providing the wrong information to the viewers.


Slow website speed or complete shutdown:

If you have optimized all the factors relevant to website speed but it is loading slowly or become completely unresponsive, there may be chances that your website is being under attack.

Initially check the IP addresses of the attackers and block them.


Suspicious access to admin controls:

Administration control may be compromised due to the hacking. When your website does not permit any type of registration but despite a suspicious account is showing then there may be someone who wants to break into your website.

 This is a serious problem as admin controls in mysterious hands means direct access to your database.


Sudden decrease in web traffic:

In this case, the reason of dropping of traffic on your website is either redirection to spam sites or the Google warns the users not to open your website as it is unsafe. Google analytics can show you the brief picture of the drastic decrease in the traffic.


The opening of spam pages:

This is another indication of security lapse of your website. When a hacker succeeds to reach to your files and data, then spam links are added to the website that direct the user to a spam site other than the original page or site.

Look for professional help as deleting the links is not the complete solution.


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