Does your hosting affect your SEO?

Does your hosting affect your SEO?

Does your hosting affect your SEO?

Since the digital searching has become common, search engine optimization also gained more importance than ever. Various factors affect the ranking of the website like content, design, speed and others.

Your web hosting service also affects the reputation of your website by the search engines so it is better to think twice when looking for the web hosting service as whether it is good to meet your requirements or not.

These are the factors which show why a good web host positively affects the SEO.


Accessibility of the website to search engines:

What is the benefit of a captivating website if it is not within the reach of your audience or inaccessible to crawl by the search engines?


The spider of the search engine crawl into your website several times a day and when it found your website down most of the time, the search engine will give it a bad mark.

Therefore, a reliable hosting service is crucial that provides support and bear the workload without any interruption to the website working.


Website speed:

A slow website may be due to the fault of the hosting service. If you are sure about the optimization of your website then the real culprit will be your hosting server.

Well, it’s a known fact that high loading speed is friendly to the search engines and if your website does not fulfil the Google’s requirement of speed then you may face the consequences.

But a private hosting service can save you from undesired results.


Security factor:

You may experience the website hacking sometime but with the millions of website online, millions of cyber-attacks can be expected in a day.

The hosting plan that you chose have the security feature and the chances of web hack will reduce when your website is backed by a secure host.



A cheap host may be lucrative for you but it may be shared platform which will fail to support in times of high traffic. A slow server can damage your reputation so decide wisely. A private and stable host service will help you manage the high workflow.


Your location:

To display the results, search engines view the location of the user. But it is same for the websites as the IP address is also the determining factor for the websites to rank on search engines.

This IP address is assigned to the website on the basis of server location. So hosting the website on the server relevant to your market will rank your website higher on result pages.

For a dominant web presence, you should make your hosting a priority. The hosting services are major to build your reputation and position your website on SERPs and an ideal hosting plan is able to take your ranking high and fulfil your needs.

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