6 Landing Page mistakes which are destroying your Conversion rates

6 Landing Page mistakes which are destroying your Conversion rates

6 Landing Page mistakes which are destroying your Conversion rates

The purpose of a landing page in digital marketing is to attract and motivate the visitors to navigate further. It is one of the most important aspects of the marketing which has a direct effect on the conversion rate.

On your landing pages, visitors first noticed the overall design, major headings and similar things like that. In this blog, 5 mistakes have been compiled which are observed by the visitors at first glance and if they subpar, your page will fail to achieve the target of high conversions.


1- Design not up to the mark:

Your audience does not want to see a poor design with unpleasant features or animations.

Besides repelling the visitors, it creates a barrier to overall website performance and loading speed. You can look as unreliable through poor design which can hit your credibility and keep in mind that trust earning from the audience is the difficult thing to restore once lost.


2- Headings are not interesting:

Wonder why so much emphasis has been put on creating a catchy headline? It’s because the visitor first read it before the content under it. Hence failing at this first attempt and simply you will lose the engagement.

Try to write interesting heading which can grab the attention instantly and convey your message efficiently.


3- Use of stock images:

Using the stock images really imparts bad impression on the audience. While designing your web page, you should not only consider the custom designs but if you are willing to add images then it is much better to use your own photos.

For that, you will have to hire a professional or take photos by yourself which truly represents the value of your products or services. It may affect your budget a little or take your time but it will surely pay off.


4- Boring CTAs:

Your target audience is used to read many CTAs so including an unattractive or old-fashioned CTA will only disappoint them. A good CTA always makes the prospects more interested in your products or services.

Be creative and impressive for designing CTAs. Offering free trials can also persuade the potential customer to convert.


5- Lack of value:

You must have something special to exchange with the audience like a discount, free coupons or a valuable content (as an informative article or invitation for a webinar that is valuable). Nobody signs up your form or show interest in purchase unless there is a fair offer.


Have you made these mistakes too? Many did as creating and optimizing the landing page is a tough task to do. Analyse your strategies and modify, these will gradually improve the conversion rate.


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