How can you leverage the money making power of Youtube?

How can you leverage the money making power of Youtube?

How can you leverage the money making power of Youtube?

Nearly all the social media channels are providing the opportunity to make money. Facebook, Youtube and others are considered as the best for earning a handsome amount of money.

But this is not for the amatuers. Exprienced filmmakers, musicians and business owners can use it either to directly earn from the Youtube or promoting their products and services on this platform which has millions of viewers.

An entertaining and active Youtube channel is free to create. For businesses it allows to launch and run the promotional campaigns in order to attract the new audience and keep the existing audience engaged.


Fan contributions for your Youtube channel:

Yes you read it right!

Fan funding is a way of collecting contributions from the fans. If you make valuable videos or go for livestreaming which is liked by your auidnece then you can fan fund your channel.

For non-ptofit and charity organisations, it is best way of sharing the stories on this channel and gain valuable amount of fund for the purpose of charity.


Affiliate with brands:

Its like you are doing advertisment by yourself. You do not have an experience for it but just a large viewers on your Youtube channel. Affiliate with any brand and whenever there is a sale through the link that you posted on your vidros, you earn a specific amount of revenue.

In this way you are earning directly from the company rather than Youtube.


Make your channel as an advertising platform:

If you have large audience on your Youtube channel, making it an advertising platform is a great idea. You will have to promote the content of others and they will pay you.

You  can make quiet a decent amount of money through this method.


Become an advertiser:

You have to pay Youtube for hosting your content on other channels that have the audience which take interest in your content. In case you are a brand then it will drive more traffic to your channel.

It is not a quick mean to gain the money but it is promising. The video fanatics are many in this world so you do not have to worry about the investments. Keep faith and the audience will start turning to your channel or in other words you brand.


Other promotional methods:

You must have seen the advertiding video at the beginning of the video you want to watch. These ads are in-stream ads. You can promote your products by making the in-stream ads. To make it entertaining, you can create it in the form of stories which has a link with your products.

In this way you provide quality content to your audience beside the boring ads. These ads can be skipped after 5 second and these may last from 12 seconds to six minutes.


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