5 Harmful Mobile SEO Mistakes that Marketers need to Avoid

5 Harmful Mobile SEO Mistakes that Marketers need to Avoid

5 Harmful Mobile SEO Mistakes that Marketers need to Avoid


SEO is a crucial element which impacts the overall marketing efforts. Google and other search engines are undergoing changes to chase the search intent of the users. The purpose of these algorithm changes is to provide a better experience.

That is the reason that today marketers are making efforts to get aligned with these changes. But the increased use of mobile devices is making this SEO task expand to the portable devices too. More people are engaging with local businesses through mobile phones so the marketers cannot neglect it.

80% of the internet users have smartphones and therefore if you want to make your business visible for them, mobile SEO optimization is essential. Also for staying ahead of the competitors, there is no option for mistakes. You can only get high ranking on search engine result pages if you carefully analyze your SEO strategy and refrain from anything that takes you off the SEO track.


  1. Pop-ups and ads:

If your website has a responsive design and quality content but still there is a barrier in reading the content fully then you should get alarmed. Displaying the ads which completely cover the screen is a big ‘no’ when you aim at providing good user experience to your visitors.

The pop-ups and ads cannot be removed entirely from the website but controlling the visibility is in your hands. First, you can shift the CTA on any other side of the website where these can no longer hide the main content of the website. Another method is by allowing the pop-ups when the visitor is about to leave the website so that the entire page content can be read without interruption.


  1. Page not secured:

In 2014, Google announced that from now on HTTPS will also be considered for page ranking. Bad or malicious websites affects mobile browsers too.  The motive behind this is to make the websites more secure.

In addition to this attempt by Google, converting your pages from HTTP to HTTPS also make the websites credible and more trustable in the eyes of your target audience.

Because honestly, people rely more on Google for security than any website itself!


  1. Slow loading speed:

No matter if your website contains appealing visuals and interesting well-researched content, with slow loading page everything will ruin. People do not spend even a full minute to wait for the websites to load. If the website does not open in few seconds, they ultimately close it and most probably will never return ever.

Various factors can have adverse effects on the loading speed including non-optimized images and unplayable videos. It is recommended to keep the image size not too big or with high resolution. Keep that size which works perfectly on mobile devices.

Unplayable videos are other troublemakers in the queue! Make sure your video does not require Flash to play.

When the videos impact the site loading speed, it’s better to remove these.


  1. Un-responsive web design:

A responsive web design keeps all the website content like text, images and videos at the right place which can be easily seen and navigated by the users on different devices.

The websites with mobile friendly web designs secure higher ranking than those which are not as since 2015, responsive web designs have been considered as an imperative ranking factor. The chief goal of getting more sales lies in user satisfaction and making your website mobile friendly is the initial step towards it.


  1. Blocked files:

Such files hinder the way of Google spiders to crawl and read your content. As a result, Google might consider it as malicious even if it’s not. In turn, it adversely affects the ranking of your website.

Identify the blocked files and run your website through Google’s mobile-friendly test to check if the robots.txt file is blocking important files. Keep in mind that your website pages should be accessible to Google bots like for your users.


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