New Year – 2017, Brings New Trends in Web Design Dubai

New Year – 2017, Brings New Trends in Web Design Dubai

New Year – 2017, Brings New Trends in Web Design Dubai

With a very innovative 2016 ending and much looked forward to 2017 start, advancement in web designing is a must expectation. It is a year which stores big questions about the much-elaborated definition of conception. Below listed are few techniques while web designing, to make it interactive for the users.

Emphasis on Content:

As we have observed, that in the past few years with the help of add-ons, a diversified look is given to the web designing. Which included sidebars, headers, banner ads, social media buttons, popups, signup boxes, etc. with New Year in flow will bring more emphasis to content which carries the message to grab attention.

End of Flat Design:

It is a point now that we should avoid similar designs with no creativity and unique personality. It gives the same idea which other pages hold. The apparent inkling attached with flat designing is rejected by web designer Dubai to focus on creativity with layout and designs. This will bring out unique and imaginative designs in front of the users.

GIFs and Other Animation:

Since past few years, GIFs has been part of the web design Dubai here and there. With 2017 the enhancement has been brought where GIFs and other animations are involved. For e.g. built into Facebook and Twitter GIFs has drawn the attention of many users. Don’t overuse them but they do enrich the experience.

Material Design:

With the development in material design by Google which is steadily moving on towards applications, gives meaning to the page. The use of geometric shapes to visually enhancement of sites gives it more realistic touch. It is more flexible and compatible among other devices.With the whole year ahead we believe the new ideas to improve
Web Design Dubai will be laid in front for the user’s interface

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