What Is PHP? Where It Can Be Used?

What Is PHP? Where It Can Be Used?

What Is PHP? Where It Can Be Used?

PHP is hypertext preprocessor. You may think is it right? Well acronym does not always follow the sequence. PHP is an open, server side scripting language used for web development. Scripting language means it has code lines for the task performance.

HTML is also a programming language for websites. Do not get confused between these two. HTML is the code execution from the user browser on client side while PHP is the server side execution of codes before they get to the user browser. PHP is a step of web development and HTML is used to instruct browser to display content to user.

Applications Of PHP:

PHP can be used on wide range of operating system like Linux, Solaris, Unix, Microsoft windows, MAC and other. It also supports web servers like IIS and Apache. With PHP, users have freedom to choose web servers and operating system they want to work on.

PHP is used in following domain of development.


  • Server-Side Scripting:

It is the major area of application of PHP script.  Server side scripting includes:

Web browser: The application or program used to display content on world wide web.


Web server: Program that executes files that from user request, form web pages.


PHP Parser: A program that convert human or source readable code into the format that can be understood by the computer.


  • Command-Line Scripting:

Under this use, PHP script is normally for simple text processing tasks. Using PHP parser, PHP script can be implemented without server program or browser.


  • Desktop Application Development:

Desktop applications are client side applications, developed using PHP  script. Using the advanced features of PHP like PHP-GTK, desktop application can be developed. This application is characterized by graphic user interface.


Advantages Of PHP:

PHP is not the only sever side scripting language but others like JSP and ASP.NET are also in the field. There are many plus points makes it better than other languages.


  • Easy To Learn:

It is considered as the best language for beginners. New learners who just step into web development area has the easy language to learn in the form of PHP.


  • It Is An Open Source:

It is created by the developers of all around the world and available for free download and use. This had made it even more accessible to everyone. There are no costs charged for individuals and projects, including future updates.


  • Fast Performance:

Script that are written on PHP are executed fast than other scripting languages like JSP or ASP.NET.


  • Suites With All:

It is the most suited scripting language that works with almost all sort of operating systems and servers used today such as Apache, IIS and others. The ‘fast speed’ and ‘work with all’ quality made it the most favorable to use.


  • Wide Availability:

The files and documents of PHP is largely available on internet as it is supported by world wide community. Finding any help regarding PHP is also extremely easy.


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