5 Best A/B testing Plugins to test your WordPress Websites

5 Best A/B testing Plugins to test your WordPress Websites

5 Best A/B testing Plugins to test your WordPress Websites


WordPress is a popular platform for website creation and also have been used to manage the content.

A website with seamless navigation and attractive design drives more visitors and increases the number of inquiry form filling. Therefore, it is imperative to test and ensure that the website you have created has full potential for achieving the determined goals.

Many A/B testing or split testing plugins are available. But which are the best ones?

Let’s have a look.


  1. AB Press Optimizer:

This plugin offers website testing with charges which the user have to pay just one time with forever use. It comes in three packages, business, personal and agency with a price of $99, $49 and $199 respectively.

It allows the user to create as many experiments as needed and through the real-time data, you can observe which is best for converting more visitors to your customers. Experiment set up is easy and AB Press Optimizer offers 30 days money back guarantee. You can also get support from forums and developers in the case are you have questions to ask.


  1. Google Optimise:

Our ‘Big G’ provides the website optimization tool for free!

But it is not like you open and start using it. It requires the installation of Google optimize and the addition of some code snippets. Once you set up everything, just copy and paste the URL of the page you want to check and it will start testing.

Google optimise permits to run the test against different versions of the same page and against two or more elements to get the best combination. It tests almost all types of WordPress content.


  1. Nelio A/B testing:

Want to test the whole Wordpress website rather than just content? Then Nelio A/B Testing is the right choice for you. Instead of only checking the content like many other solutions, this native WordPress plugin allows testing the whole website including menus, widgets, posts and pages etc.

The trial is free for the first 1000 page reviews and after that, you have to pay $29. It is a WordPress plugin so you can set up the tests and view the data from inside the WordPress dashboard and there is no requirement for any separate interface.


  1. Simple Page tester:

Simple page tester has two versions, basic for free and premium for $59. Basic is for simple tests whereas in the premium plan there are some advanced functionalities added.

This testing let you test different posts and pages against each other. In the basic version, you can create split test by choosing an existing page, duplicating the control page and creating a brand new page. In the premium version, you can test specific elements by wrapping them in shortcodes, rather than having to test entire page variations, get access to automatic WooCommerce conversion tracking, and view conversion data right in the plugin’s reports.


  1. Leadpages:

It is a landing page building tool which can be easily integrated with the WordPress through WordPress plugin. The simple use of leadpages for tests makes it great for the beginners as it does not involve much technical knowledge.

You have to pay $48 per month to get the A/B test option. For test first, you have to build landing page using leadpages landing page builder tool which is followed by duplicate landing page creation with different variants. Then you have to divide the traffic between these pages and know which works best for you.


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