Easy and Practical Tips for designing a Website with great Navigation

Easy and Practical Tips for designing a Website with great Navigation

Easy and Practical Tips for designing a Website with great Navigation

Seamless navigation is a vital aspect of your website which should not be neglected. It must be on your top priority list to provide the user experience which your target audience expects from you.

Best practices which are relevant to the smooth navigation help you to learn and implement these on your website. It will keep your audience engaged and can effectively rank your website higher in search results.


Have a look at your menus:

Long scrolling websites are trendy. If you have decided to choose the vertical scrolling, it is preferred to keep it with the sticky menu. The fixed menu make the user scroll upward to jump to another page so for the sake of convenience, keep the long scrolling websites with sticky menus.

Another benefit of the sticky website is its mobile-friendly aspect. There is a large population of mobile users and they prefer easy navigation.


Go for descriptive navigation:

Your navigation menu should indicate the key phrases which are highly relevant to your topic. It is equally important for the customers as well as the search engines.

The same menu appears on different pages of your website. It tells the user to know about your topic and rank your website at a dominant position on search engine result pages. For the visitors, it will clearly show them where to find at the first glance.


Place right links in the right place:

Add the links in the content in an organized way which let the visitor find the desired information in a short time period and it saves them from unnecessary clicks or taps.

Keep in mind that too many links are bad for ranking but instead include the links which have your keywords as it will help your web pages rank higher on the search engines. Your links should be well classified and organized.


Keep the titles and labels clear, simple and targeted:

Avoid using the specific products and services in the titles and the label and it helps the search engines to find you and let your target audience to appreciate you.

Unclear or difficult language is often not appreciated as it makes the visitors confused. Create the labels as simple, easy to understand and targeted.


Use clear interactions:

Teach your audience where to go. It can be done through dots, arrows or the lines. Especially in the case of long scrolling, it is better to guide them how much content is left.

Other methods are using the text with icons, colour change of the grids or icons when hovering over them.


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