4 major SEO Mistakes made by the Business Owners

4 major SEO Mistakes made by the Business Owners

4 major SEO Mistakes made by the Business Owners

Having a business website is a necessity for today. Most of the business owners mistakenly apply the strategies that can cause potential harm to their business. Keeping the focus on the mistakes and by avoiding them, you can save your precious time and resources going waste.

The below mentions are the common mistakes that are usually made by the startup businesses. This blog will help you identify the mistakes so that you are able to fix the problems.


1- No customer reviews and feedbacks:

Getting customers reviews and feedbacks is a real struggle and it is not necessary that you always get positive reviews. Have faith that over time your efforts will be fruitful and you get appreciable feedbacks from the customers!

The three most recommended and best ways of obtaining the reviews are through email, phone or in-person.

Out of these three-email is the most effective one because the customers don’t have to search for your business. The link you sent in the email can take your customers directly to the page where the review can be added.


2- Low quality and irrelevant link building:

Links play a crucial role in ranking and visibility of a website on search engines.

Backlinking on the authoritative and high-quality directories will provide you long-term benefits. Similarly, low-quality link building can harm your reputation as your business name and contact details are added to the directories.

Choose credible directories for this purpose. Another way of attracting and earning quality links is the creation of engaging, relevant and quality content and promoting it through efficient methods.


3- Not optimize the websites for mobile use:

Google has already included the mobile-friendliness factor in its ranking algorithm. Mobile friendly websites are important, especially for the local businesses. People prefer mobile devices for searching rather than open and then search on the desktops.

If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile, do not neglect it anymore.


4- Overlooking social media:

Social media indirectly affects your ranking on SERPs.

It is the fastest way to maximize the exposure of your content to the target audience. Moreover, if your content is really good it could be viral and boost your visibility on different social media platforms!

So do not disregard this billion-user channel for marketing or advertising.

Managing both business and the website is not an easy task. It’s full of effort and time consuming for the business owners so it is understandable that why businesses are involved in these sort of mistakes.

But it's not too late…

Gear up yourself and get rid of the problems which have a bad influence on your business!

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