SEO takes Long Time to improve Search Rankings But Why?

SEO takes Long Time to improve Search Rankings But Why?

SEO takes Long Time to improve Search Rankings But Why?


Even today in the competitive market, for most of the businesses, SEO is a long and exhausting investment.

Yes, it takes longer to finally get better outcomes which can lead your business to sustained progress. But it demands patience as there are lots of factors which are needed to be considered while putting the website on the first page or at first rank.

So what are those aspects? How much impact these aspects have on the sales of any business? Is the long wait really valuable or just the waste?

There is more to discuss under this topic so let’s have a look.


SEO is not a two-way road:

Wherever you see, in every industry or corporate business, there is a tough competition.

The paramount purpose of every brand is to get the attention of the maximum target audience and entice them to be their customers or clientele.

The goal is to be in the mind, memories and a good list of the customers so whenever they think about purchasing something that you offer, your brand will be the first choice! For that they invest both money and the time whether it’s about giving discounts, offering useful information or sources, making the business process easy or investment in marketing and unique advertisements.

Growing use of internet has led people to see, like and trust the brands when they see good reviews and escalating online presence. SEO brings the businesses to the limelight and prominent for the prospects and the customers on search engines and to march towards success, there is no escape from SEO.

Once you get to the top position, you need to sustain the website there and it is only possible if you change the SEO strategy frequently according to the new updates of the ranking algorithm.


Google algorithm is constantly changing so it is needed to frequently change the SEO strategy too:

Google cares for its users more than any business. The sole aim of search engines is to provide the most relevant results in the most convenient and simpler way. Doing so, Google often alters the algorithms which in turn affects the ranking of the websites if failed to comply with it.

That is why there is no exact destination or stop when it’s about SEO. It is a continual effort as the same strategies cannot give you lasting benefits.


But why it takes too long?

Obtaining results in the form of a higher conversion rate and increased revenue is the factor behind investing in SEO.

The problem arises when businesses compare the SEO time with the others like marketing which attracts the customer faster and then brands decide to quit on SEO.

If you are one of them it is better to get some facts.


It’s about producing quality content:

What people usually think about your website are the visuals and secondly the content.

Quality content with captivating graphics, images, photos and impressive written content is the key to winning the hearts and trust of your website visitors and customers.

Google also consider a quality content for its relevancy and the number of search terms present in it. The more search terms a content has, there are increasing chances of appearing that blog or article on the first page. So now the blogs with thin content cannot take the websites on the top.

SEO makes that content of your website visible for a large number of people. But Google test the article with different searches by many people and this is what takes time!


Researching for the keywords:

Keywords research is an essential part of SEO. By adding the right keywords in the content can make it favourite for the Google.

In older times, few keywords were enough to take you at the top but now the things are a lot more different. Today the easy spoken and long tail keywords or phrases are used by the people for searching on the internet. Voice search also feed this trend.

The SEO agencies need to put emphasis on relevant and highly targeted keywords to reach the audience.


Building links:

Link building is an old strategy but it did not lose its value yet.

Google has become strict with those who are violating the rule of link building and is actively penalizing those websites. The websites which are back linked to credible and authoritative directories and websites are credible in the eyes of Google!

Many ways are involved in link building like guest blogging, outreaching and content generation but these take both time and efforts. Amongst millions of blogs posted each day, the ranking of your website’s blog largely depends on how many people read it in how much time.


Getting attention on social media:

Social media has a great influence on the ranking of the websites.

If your blogs get more shares and more engagement with the people then congratulations you are in good books of Google too!

Social signals are considered as the determining factor for ranking on search engine result pages.



There is a famous saying that “Good things always take time” and so does SEO. So put your trust in SEO strategy that it will definitely give you a sustainable growth and loyal customers. This 6 to 12 months long-term investment will give a strong foundation to your brand.

But it should be kept in mind too that only right and tailored blend of SEO techniques can work. Your SEO strategy should resonate with what your business needs.


Yasir Jamal is a professional and a decade experienced web designer and SEO specialist in Dubai-UAE. He has an amazing work portfolio which depicts his passion for creating unique website designs and developing strategies which fulfil the needs of business and entices the customers as well. Today every business needs an attractive and persuading online presence and that’s what Yasir is working for.


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