5 Shocking Facts About SEO

5 Shocking Facts About SEO

5 Shocking Facts About SEO

There is a constant war which SEO strategy works better than other. Brands implement those according to need but some shocking facts might startle you in surprise and may drive you to rethink about the strategies!  

1- There are more than 50% Chance of Getting on Top if Have Video on Landing Page: 

The most popular search engine ‘Google’ is ranking the websites having videos on the first page of SERPs. It has been found from the studies that videos get 70% more attention than a text. Well, people like to trust the websites having videos as it creates a sense of authenticity. One advantage of video is that it can interact with the audience in a variety of creative ways. You can inform your audience in an influential manner if you are using video as message conveyor. People can easily share it on different media generating leads to your website. 

 2- 75% of Users Never Scroll Further Than the First Page: 

It is a bitter fact but it is true. In this competitive environment, you have to be on the first page or else you can lose the visibility to 75% of the users. In the recent years, Google made many alterations in the algorithm, making the ranking criteria better based on various elements that’s why people do not go for next pages. So get your head into the search engine optimization strategy and put your efforts at top gear to appear on the first page. 

 3- Some Search Engines do not Consider Links as Ranking Factor: 

Wonder knowing that? It seems this decision is taken to discourage the black hat search engine optimization techniques that make use of bad links contain spammy keywords to get high ranking on search engine result pages.This approach is applied by the biggest search engine of Russia but Google is not likely to adopt this approach so websites can freely use link building to gain better ranking. 

4- Google Ranks Popular Events Higher: 

You might soon hear the news from Google that it has started to rank based on the popularity of the event and not by the links pointed towards it. Many events are on the list are on the same time in the same place and it will be hard for the people to decide which event to attend. To make the decision process seamless, Google may rank the interesting events higher than others. Ranking will be done depending on popularity and physical venue of the event. 

5- Time to Travel is One of the Google's Ranking Factor:

This fact is for local businesses that Google recently added. The time taken from the initial location to a venue, business or event is measured and the results are shown on the basis of that time. For proximal location, there will be higher ranking on search engine result pages. 
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