UI Tricks which cause the bad User Experience

UI Tricks which cause the bad User Experience

UI Tricks which cause the bad User Experience

It has become a norm to show pop-ups and push notifications but these actually compel the user to abandon the website. In this era of delivering better user experience, these sorts of UI tricks are a disaster for the reputation of a website or the application.

Well, surely you have come across these tricks many times while browsing, check out these most common UI techniques which have mostly proved as a headache for the users.

Lousy ads:

Imagine that you are watching a very nice video and suddenly an ad shows up! It’s better to stop right here because it is enough to remind you of many bad experiences.

Marketers think of it as a great technique but in fact, it’s not. Anything which pushes the user to take action has a bad impact rather than good. Moreover, the ads also put the burden on the website which slows down the loading time and this should be avoided. Fortunately, the block ad software saves us but some extra clicks are also required each time to block these ads.


Irritating pop-ups:

The next one on the list is pop-ups. These are for offerings of sign-ups while you are reading the article. It distracts the user from navigating the website or reading the content. It is important to let the user read without any interruption.

The best method is to show the pop-up when the visitor is about to leave the website. Showing the pop-ups at the right time fulfils your requirements as well as leading to the engagement and long stay of the user on your website.


Annoying show notifications:

It is a common practice on the website that when you visit the site, at first it asks you to notify you or not. It is not good to offer something to the user in which he/she is not interested in.

You can add the option in bold text and visible font somewhere on the page so that your user can see it, and opt if desired. Providing the better navigational experience is crucial, therefore you should focus more on the good user experience.

Lost download button:

You may have clicked on the wrong button dozens of time and open a new website. Placing the ads near the important buttons leads the user to click on the ad by mistake. It is like misguiding your audience from taking the intended actions.

While downloading the application, you will find the two or three download buttons which confuse the users whether it’s the actual button or not.

You should make the critical buttons prominent from others.



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