What is User Persona and how to create it for more Conversions?

What is User Persona and how to create it for more Conversions?

What is User Persona and how to create it for more Conversions?

Search engine optimization is like a lifeline of any website.

We as marketers have come a long way planning and implementing different SEO techniques. But now the things are a lot more changed. Amidst millions of websites, there is a tough competition. Moreover, updates in the Google algorithm is making the user experience better which requires more efforts to bring the websites on a higher ranking.

Now we are steering towards new techniques regarding SEO. Integration of user persona in SEO strategy is one of these techniques that helps in delivering improved visibility and ranking.


About User Persona:

Researching the target audience is a basic tactic of search engine optimization.

User persona revolves around it.

It represents the needs, goals, behaviour of the target audience. Whether you are developing an application or a website, you should know who will use or visit it respectively. In this way, you can add features which are considered as appealing and useful for your target audience.

A good user persona enables you to identify the customer’s needs and develop a successful product.


How to create it?

For creating user persona you cannot rely on a few aspects but it encircles many. Here are the chief points which will facilitate you to create an ideal use persona.


Target audience:

Personal information like age, gender, interests, needs, confusions (related to your service or product in any way) and location are the key elements to focus on. You can further narrow down your research by analyzing the behaviour of qualified customers or those who are interacting with your business in a positive way.

Also, the segmentation of the target audience enables you to get their attention more efficiently and in a fruitful way. Your marketing campaigns like emails, social media posts and others hit more clicks, likes, shares and comments when these actually deliver what your target audience is in search of or interested in.


Your website:

Next is your website.

Debugging the website or fixing the flaws of it should be a continuous process if you want less bounce rate and more engagements by the visitors. Optimized landing pages with specific keywords and call-to-actions have a greater tendency for persuading the prospects to stay on the website for long.

It is also imperative to keep in mind that acquiring the brief insights into your customer’s interests needs deeper research. The best method to do this is to get reviews and feedback from your customers, note the problems they are facing, confusions and curiosities.


Now come to the vital element – the SEO:

Now you have gathered data about the target audience, it’s time to plan and devise the SEO strategy.

Website features, on-page web content and navigation are the three major sides and proving the best of these can help you to impress your visitors and compel them to be your loyal customers or brand advocates.


Yasir Jamal is a web designer and developer in Dubai-UAE. With his expertise in creating captivating and business centred websites, he also has knowledge of SEO which he uses to achieve long-term benefits for the clients.

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