5 ways to make your visitors stay on the website for longer

5 ways to make your visitors stay on the website for longer

5 ways to make your visitors stay on the website for longer

About 70-90% of the visitors never come back after the initial visit on the website. It indicates that you have only one chance to get them engaged or loose them. In this digital era, the websites play a crucial role to interact with the target audience, therefore website optimisation cannot be overlooked.

Long stay time on the website improves the conversion rate and shows that visitors actually like your website. In this blog, 5 methods are discussed that will hopefully help you to keep the audience stay and engages with your website for long time.


Improve the legibility of the content:

Small font size or same colour text and background create hinder in reading the content. It reduces the stay time on the website and make the visitors leave your website in few seconds.

Readibility is an imperative factor which should be optimised becuase if you fail to engage or impress your audience through content then how can they trust you.


Optimise your visual content:

This is the first thing which your customers notice first on the website. An attractive and enticing design with optimised image will impart a good impression on them. Moreover the visual content convey your message and represent your values so make it worthy. Keep in mind to make the visuals mobile-friendly as streched images,designs or low quality videos are of no use.


Prefer simple and clean web designs:

Heavy designs with many sharp colours are overwhelming and obnoxious. They will not do a little in engaging your visitors but repel them which results in the reduced conversion rates.

Go for simple and eye catchy designs which match with your business and feel the audience connected with you. A tidy design also improves the readibility of the content and encourage the visitors to explore more on the website.


Add  more than one call-to-action on a page:

Call-to-action is considered as the crucial in triggering the customers for repetitive business and encourage the prospects to buy who are at the edge of purchasing your products.

Usually one call-to-action is included on one page but you can add more than one. It keeps your audience stick with you from beginning till the end and you get more than one chance to push them for purchase.


Show pop ups for 'about to leave' visitors:

You may think of pop ups as irritating but adding them strategically can do great wonders for you.

The discounts or coupons can be showed to the visitors when they are leaving the website. It reminds them of your products and services once again and influence their decision of purchasing or availing your services. The discount prices will attract them which will more likely change their minds.


Yasir Jamal is a professional web designer and developer in Dubai-UAE. He creates captivating designs and develop the website which is optimised so that your website also help in enhancing the visibility and ranking of your business on the search engines.

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