Microsoft’s Visual Search feature for Bing, powered by AI

Microsoft’s Visual Search feature for Bing, powered by AI

Microsoft’s Visual Search feature for Bing, powered by AI

On 22 June 2018, Microsoft announced visual search feature which is supported by AI and permit the user to find information through images. This software giant gave the first clue about this last year about releasing visual searching on mobiles. Microsoft joined heads with other big platforms like Google, Pinterest and others to upgrade the visual search functionality and it has been released now with the expectation of being liked by the people.

This visual search feature uses computer vision algorithms of Microsoft, which are trained with the datasets that contain numerous labelled images, as well as images from around the web.

It is not for Bing only but also available in a range of apps. It encompasses the Bing app for Android and iOS, Microsoft Edge on Android and Microsoft launcher on Android and is currently developing for Microsoft Edge on iOS.


What is Visual Search?

Visual search is about finding the relevant information through a picture. But the popping question is how does it work? Simply take a picture on mobile and Bing will give you the answer by presenting the results that match your query. From thousands of results, this feature provides you with the perfect one.

On the other hand, search algorithm largely affects the provision of the right results. There are many closely resemble objects in the world. For example, you can see flowers with almost the same colours and stripes on it but they belong to differed species. Is Microsoft’s visual search fully capable to answer with the most matched result? It all depends on the efforts of the company to improve the Artificial Intelligence to the point where it can provide the best results.


Microsoft is not the first to conceive this idea:

The e-store giant, eBay come forward with the same idea in 2017 that it is working on visual search which will help its customers and visitors in getting the fast and reliable shopping experience. The large inventory of eBay will be more accessible to the users through this feature.

Another home furnishing site, Wayfair introduced this visual search feature to deliver ease to its customers where they can find the respective furniture in a short period of time.

The story is a lot different when we talk about AI-powered visual search feature of Bing as no matter how large the inventory of any e-commerce store is, it cannot be compared with a search engine with shows millions of results when a single query is made.


Other renowned digital giants are also working in the similar direction to provide better search experience to its users rather than solely make them dependent on type searching.


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