7 Web Design Rules that should not be disobeyed at any Cost

7 Web Design Rules that should not be disobeyed at any Cost

7 Web Design Rules that should not be disobeyed at any Cost

There is a foundation to everything we create on the internet. The same applies to the design. Whether you are designing a website for a small business or the bigger one, some rules are meant to stick with.

These basics make your work easier and faster so carve these design rules in your mind so that next time when you start designing you won’t miss any.


Rule 1: Be authentic in your web designs:

With many websites on the internet, people easily understand the authentic one. So beware of delivering the wrong information or the designs or images which are stolen from the others. Morally, it is not good and you know it!

To stand out, your authenticity and honesty are crucial as only a unique website can draw the attention of people and creates a feeling of reliability towards the business.


Rule 2: Create a design that fits all screens:

From desktops to mobile devices, various screen sizes are there and a good design is what which looks perfect on each screen. With numerous software, it is not difficult to create the images of different sizes.

Vector format is a great solution.

You should consider the sizes of icons, images and other elements which can be viewed perfectly regardless of the size of the screen.


Rule 3: Go for consistent designs:

A harmony in design, colours, icon size and fonts brings consistency in your web design. It means your layouts and features should be easy to understand and relatable with one another.

A consistent design has a direct impact on the usability and engagement of the user. Balanced designs improve the user experience and make it easy to interact and get all the required information quickly without any hindrance.


Rule 4: Use typography wisely:

The readability is an essential factor of the design. It is not required to be a pro in it but a basic knowledge of typography can help too. The most commonly used fonts are serifs and sans serif so when you are stuck in between too many fonts to choose from, opt these two.

The typography is needed to be read at a single glance from the mobile screens too as the prevailing use of the mobile already made it necessary for the overall design to be mobile-friendly.


Rule 5: Do not betray the user pattern:

There are few things in design which are universal. Common user patterns are one of them.

The user expects certain things that should be specific according to their action. For letting the user navigate seamlessly, you must follow the common user patterns.

Get ready to follow these rules or are you following them already?  Share your experiences with us!


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