How Website Structure affect SEO

How Website Structure affect SEO

How Website Structure affect SEO

Keyword research or the use of specific keywords is the core element that is considered when working with search engine optimization. Other than the traditional strategies of search engine optimization, the structure of a website is also vital for easy readability and therefore ranking of your website on search engines.

Many businesses do not an emphasis on the website structure. In fact, an organized website which has all the information in an easily accessible place enhances the user experience and help in reducing the bounce rate.


Internal links:

A good navigational experience is provided to the users by placing the keyword rich links in a way that does not affect the structure of a website.

Arranging the web pages on a large site is challenging but extremely crucial to do. Search engines favour those websites for ranking which have easily accessible web pages that are connected with targeted keywords.



An ideal URL does not have many special characters other than dash and underscore because search engines will find it difficult to crawl through the website.

URLs should not be too long so cut off the unnecessary characters and limit the length of the URL up to 40.


Duplicate pages:

Google gives importance to the original, unique and quality content for the websites. Duplicate pages may list your website as spam and affect badly from SEO point of view.

On the other hand, engaging content also makes the page inviting for the visitors to read and imparts a sense of credibility in the minds.


User Experience:

In the web of the internet, there are thousands of websites that are offering the same services and products as you. If the website navigation is poor, the customer will leave the page without clicking for further visits.

 An organized website structure makes the user experience better, increase the stay time on the website and improves the website ranking.

Too many images or large images create hindrance in the loading of the website, therefore do not add such images that increase the loading time of the page.


Website crawalability:

The crawl robots of the search engines read the web pages and determine which page to display first on search engine result pages. Avoiding the issues of 404 errors, slow site speed, no sitemap, and no flash will let the robots to crawl through the website quickly.

Web designing and website architecture resemble closely. Both of them are different but same in the ways that affect SEO.

The pages of the website should be linked together in a way that search engines can find and read the content with ease. Crawling is considered as an important ranking factor on SERPs which can enhance or reduce the visibility of the website based on its structure.

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