What Is Javascript?

What Is Javascript?

What Is Javascript?

JavaScript is a simple used cross-platform scripting language which enables variation for objects. It allows the user to write without giving many writing commands as it is easy and light weighted language. In the host environment JavaScript links with other objects within that environment and provide programmatic control over them, helps to setup the programs of objects. 

Javascript: A Free Form Language:

Standard library of JavaScript contains objects like ‘Array’, ‘Date’, and ‘Math’, also encompasses  set of language elements like control structure, statement, and operator. A variety of purposes can be gained through implementing the core JavaScript by supplementing it with other objects.
  • Server side JavaScript: It extends the core language through supplying objects which are relevant to the running JavaScript on the server.
  • Content side JavaScript: Extends the core language by controlling a browser and its document object model (DOM) through object supplying. For example allow the application to respond to user action like mouse clicks, page navigation and lots of other functions like this.
The name of JavaScript was changed from live Script to JavaScript as it resembles much to java but more easy than it. Both are similar in some ways but are different in others. JavaScript owns a prototype based object model rather than class based object model. The prototype based is dynamic in nature and can be changed for individual objects. JavaScript also supports functions without any declarative need, you are not required to declare classes, variables, and methods. 

Why Javascript Is Used?

JavaScript made it easy to interact with the user in more user-friendly mode. It is a prevalent language of today, mostly used to improve the functions of web pages. For developing a web page JavaScript is needed for content. The commonly used markup language is HTML or XHTML ( in case your webpage does not need to work on internet explorer). They define the components of a content to be added in a webpage. JavaScript and CSS are for creating static web pages, accessible in all devices, the content can be adjusted according to the screen of desktop or mobile but user have to fill a form and submit request before loading a new page. JavaScript has solved this problem making the page easy to load without extra step. It loads new images and content without reloading the page again. You can also add animations and other functions to improve
user experience.

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